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Is your Company looking for investment?

Are you stymied by lack of finance?
Got a superb Project but can’t seem to find the funding you need to get it going?

The mining industry is coming out of recession, ore prices are rising, and many companies that have been sitting on their assets waiting for the turn around have re-entered the market looking for finance to develop their sites to production at last. Yet it seems that investors are still too cautious and risk-adverse! Finding the finance you need to get your project to the next level remains problematic.

From their years of recruitment experience world-wide, Westminster Mining has a real understanding of the mining sector, and an unrivalled network of business contacts in the SME mining industry, so it was a logical step for us to develop an Investment arm to help companies requiring inward investment to source it through us – companies such as yours.

Our sources include Private Equity investors, entrepreneurs, finance houses, and even other companies looking to invest with an eye to acquisition.

If you have a project that is looking for finance, call us now  to discuss how we can put you in touch with the best parties to realise your dreams!

Our specialisation is the small cap market (sub US$10m investments) but we can put you in touch with a number of investors both banks and Private Equity that will consider larger figures up to US$150m too.

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