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These are the key people within our business

The team that comprise Westminster Mining and are the key people within our business:

Senior Researcher, Mombasa office: Elizabeth Odero (Kenya)

Liz is the Team Leader of our four person in-house Research team in our Mombasa offices. She is studying for a Masters Degree in Marketing and is also a Christian and singer song-writer who has been featured on a number of Kenyan Gospel TV programmes.  This is the link to elsewhere in our site where you can see one of her song videos:

Watch “Connected” by our Researcher Liz Litsa, Offical Video on YouTube

She has worked in the hotel industry and has travelled widely. She’s worked for us for a number of years and has gained wide experience in mining recruitment over many roles. Her precise manner, analytical skills, attention to detail, honesty and sheer work ethic make her a real asset to Westminster Mining. She speaks three languages including the local Swahili and sometimes delivers her own Selection assignments involving local advertising or interviews. Three years ago she and her team (including Kate below) managed a full R.P.O. project for an Australian mining company developing a gold mine near Mombasa – successfully delivering a team of 29 staff (from junior to senior positions) in under six months and within the agreed budget. Her experience and skills will be very useful to any client looking to recruit in East Africa.

She can be contacted via our Mombasa office or email her:

THE LIST – British Ex-Service Recruitment

This is our specialist company for those roles which require skills such as Logistics, Transport, Administration, Health & Safety, Mechanical Engineering, Construction and Security – roles where the talents of British Ex-Service personnel are so well suited.

The List is the Services Business Network which identifies civilian roles for ex-Service personnel both for those who have just left the Services and also continuing through-career advice and job opportunities.


Researcher & Office Manager, Nairobi, Kate Adhyambo (Kenya)

Kate has worked for Westminster Mining for many years and returns to run our Nairobi office after time away to have her first child, a son.

She has a degree in bio-mechanical engineering from Orebo University in Sweden and is multi-lingual. She’s worked in the hospitality industry, paying her way around the world, so is well travelled and has a remarkably well informed outlook as well as a positive and sunny disposition, always working hard to achieve great results. Her good time management, organisational skills and attention to detail really help when it comes to running one of the many recruitment projects our Nairobi office has run in the past few years.

She works together with Liz above to deliver multi-role recruitment projects.

She can be contacted via our Mombasa office or email her:

Her public Facebook profile is here:

Senior Consultant and Managing Director, Mike Booton (U.K. and Africa)

Mike has worked in recruitment for the best part of 25 years, including a stint with a respected London firm, and specialises in mining recruitment in Africa – he has a second home/office in Nairobi. Starting in the nineties in the technology sector, counting the entrepreneur Herman Hauser amongst his clients, he gained an interest in renewable technologies and the Rare Earths sector which is how he ended up specialising in mining recruitment world wide. He is a big fan of using the new developments in social media and the internet to save costs in finding the right people, and in passing on those savings to his clients. Mike welcomes queries from anyone in mining, whether it’s advice on putting together a career plan or finding a new CEO  – if he can help, he will.

You can reach him at our Head Office or email:

Further details can be found on Mike Booton’s Linked In profile here:

Mike Booton's profile on LinkedIn

Senior Consultant, Sam Coalridge (Vancouver & Western Canada)

Sam comes from a long line of miners, back to his great great grandfather who was a “Fortyniner” in the Californian gold rush.  He was born in Vancouver and trained as a geologist, becoming the Chief Geologist of a small gold mining company in the nineties. Recently he has travelled the world as an independent geologist Consultant, but kept his office in Vancouver where he runs a team of two researchers. His local knowledge and expertise are an obvious asset to Westminster Mining, so he recently became the Consultant for Western Canada and Alaska.

You can email him at:


Senior Consultants, Diane and Gary Cowan (South Africa)

“JobsAfrica” was founded in 2010 by Diane and Gary and their firm joined Westminster Mining in 2012. Diane came from The Human Resource Practice, one of the founders of outsourcing to mining organisations since before it became the buzz word it is today. She and husband Gary have each over 21 years experience in mining recruitment and she maintains her position amongst the leading recruiters in S.A. today. Based in Parktown, Johannesburg they provide a boutique style agency service with innovative practices covering both contract and permanent work. As well as mining and engineering, they also cover Finance, IT, Supply Chain and Marketing roles. Their experience, skills and contacts help make Westminster Mining one of the best connected mining recruitment companies working in Africa. Gary, Diane and Mouna from our Mombasa office is seen here with our M.D. Mike Booton on the right.

You can email them at:

Click here to go to their website or LinkedIn profile:


Ian Falconer's profile on LinkedIn

Senior Bilingual Consultant, Language Training Specialist, Interpreter and Translator, Kensa Diakite (Francophone countries)

There are few people who know as much about the workings of West Africa as Kensa. Her combination of academic study and real world training give her a broad understanding of the mining industry, with experience working on a variety of projects; from small residential jobs (her father owned a small scale mine in Guinea) to large scale mining companies – Barrick Gold, Resolute, AngloGold Ashanti.

She adds considerable value to the Westminster Mining team, bringing decades of experience in West Africa and substantial knowledge of local customs and practices – legal and cultural. She aids recruitment Consultants with their understanding of the role and the cultural issues they may encounter as well as translation and research services (with a useful grasp of contract law) in French & English. As an interpreter, she ensures Consultants get the best out of candidate interviews and client meetings.

Kensa is also the Director of TransTrad Ltd which provides training services to staff in Francophone Africa and Asia Pacific, helping companies save a lot of time by avoiding miscommunication, optimizing HR resources, developing staff (such as their cross-cultural behavioral skills) and creating good team-work and a positive attitude to reducing waste, increasing efficiency and profit.

More details on Kensa’s Training and Translation services can be found on her own business’ website here:

For your bilingual consultancy needs, please contact her via her LinkedIn profile.

Kensa Diakite's profile on LinkedIn

New Business Manager, Gaurav Somani (India)

Gaurav has a Masters in Marketing and has recently been promoted to New Business Manager in 2018. He works out of his own office in India. Combining expertise in marketing and sourcing new business he also has practical engineering, geological, policy-level and commercial knowledge. He is a valuable sounding board for Westminster Mining’s growth plans through social media. If you have any new roles that require a Confidential Search or wish to see what candidates we may have on our database, don’t hesitate to contact him.

You may email him at:

Or to contact him without having our name appear in the email address, see his Linked In profile here:

Gaurav Somani's profile on LinkedIn

Director of Operations, Prasidh Bhat (U.K. & India)

Prasidh has been with the Westminster Mining team from the start and has recently been promoted to Director of Operations. He is a Senior Consultant and our Senior Project Manager for recruitment solutions. He splits his time between our UK Head Office and his office in India (depending on the assignment). He brings with him an excellent 15 year track record in temporary, contract and permanent recruitment from around the world.

You may email him at:

Or to contact him without having our name appear in the email address, see his Linked In profile here:

Greg Mayson's profile on LinkedIn

African Legal Expert and Researcher, Lilian Okoh (U.K.)

Lilian recently graduated from Leeds University with an Upper Merit Law Degree, though she had previously practised Law in Nigeria and a number of West African countries for several years. She tested a career in banking and worked in recruitment before she joined Westminster Mining as our in-house researcher for Africa, for which she usefully speaks a number of dialects. Her understanding of local employment laws and contract law in west africa is proving most useful in these volatile times, to clients and candidates alike. She works out of Nigeria and can be reached by email on “”.

Further details can be found on Lilian’s Linked In profile here:

Lilian's profile on LinkedIn

Senior Consultant & Director, Jon Sarsby (U.K.)

Jon has worked in recruitment for over 25 years. Originally from Glasgow, Jon started working in the recruitment industry in London in 1984 and founded Diamond Consulting with Mike in 1999, having been a colleague of his at Oryx Executive Search previously. He was a natural choice to become a Director of Westminster Mining.

He has worked within many industries and with many ‘Blue Chip’ clients in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Israel and the USA.

His generalist recruitment experience, specialising in Search and Selection in the Accountancy, IT and Contract sector, makes him ideal to take on Westminster Mining’s more generic mining roles, such as IT Consultants, Health and Safety Executives, Financial Directors and Non-Execs, where his extensive list of contacts is most useful.

Further details can be found on Jon Sarsby’s Linked In profile here:

Jon Sarsby's profile on LinkedIn

Consultant, John Weir (U.K.)

John is an established business man and Managing Director of EDP Limited, a Bath based company that for over four years has helped those interested in relocating to Australia, New Zealand or Canada by producing the UK’s leading range of media and events for emigrants and skilled jobseekers. Every year tens of thousands of people visit Down Under Live and Canada Live events (see our Features page).

A highly entrepreneurial professional with extensive experience of running multi million turnover businesses, he has launched more than 40 new products online and in media. With strong contacts with corporations such as Microsoft Education, Adobe, and Tesco, John specialises in digital magazines, launches, training, online development, Search and SEO, as well as emigration processes.

His experience in cross-border recruitment, access to advice on visa requirements, and his business acumen, are an invaluable resource for Westminster Mining – allowing our Consultants to correctly advise clients and candidates on all aspects of emigration and immigration so that the whole recruitment process runs smoothly wherever candidates move.

Further details can be found on John Weir’s Linked In profile here:

John Weir's profile on LinkedIn

You can also follow John directly on Twitter @SkilledJobsOver

Senior Consultant, John Francis (Toronto, Canada)

John is an entrepreneur with 25 years in the talent management business. He has successfully worked with major corporations worldwide, and is a dedicated HR professional, innovative thinker and entrepreneur. He has a Masters in Philosophy and was educated in Europe so is well travelled. He lives just outside Toronto and has run our office there since 2013.
[Pictured here with our M.D. Mike Booton at PDAC in Toronto March 2015]

He provides mining recruitment services throughout Canada and North America. He is already a well regarded – and well connected – senior recruitment Consultant and his direct industry experience is an invaluable resource for other Consultants, helping them to find the right people every time. His company Theonera Inc. and its staff are members of the Canadian Human Resource Professional Association [CHRP] and certified“Workplace Big Five”  personnel assessment practitioners. With over 20 years of experience and recognition within the industry, you can be assured that your human resource needs are in professional hands.

You can reach John by email at:

Further details can be found on John Francis’s own website “”

or on Linked In here:

John Weir's profile on LinkedIn

Design and Marketing, Gordon Jeffrey (UK)

Gordon is our Marketing Consultant and the web designer who built our website. He is an all round Graphic Designer specialising in design and multimedia for both print and web and is refreshingly approachable. He can explain things simply without technical jargon. Often working to tight deadlines he keeps this site and many others working smoothly and looking great. Do feel free to email him if you like his work, we heartedly recommend him.

Seee Company website: Gordon Jeffrey Design

Further details can be found on Gordon’s Linked In profile here:

Gordon's profile on LinkedIn



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