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We have a long list of clients with whom we have worked with successfully and too many to list all of them. If you require a reference please contact us and we shall happily provide a relevant one.

Meanwhile, here are some of the companies we have worked for:

African Barrick gold – Permanent, Tanzania
Angel Mining plc. – Permanent, Greenland (2011)
Anglogold Ashanti – Contract & Permanent roles, South Africa
Angloplats – Permanent, S.A.
Avrupa Minerals – Permanent, Portugal (2014)
Base Resources – R.P.O. & Permanent, Kenya
Bisha (Nevsun Resources) – Permanent, Eritrea
BHP Billiton – Permanent, various
Circum Minerals – Permanent, London & S.A. (2018)
Canyon Resources – Permanent, Australia
Condor Gold – Permanent, Sierra leone (2012)
Consolidated Nickel Mines – London, Zambia & S.A. (ongoing)
Ethiopean Potash – Permanent, London & Ethiopia (2014)
GB Gold – Contract & Permanent, S.A

Continuation of companies we have worked for:

Golden Minerals (when ECU Silver Mining) – Permanent, Toronto
Goldfields – Contract & Permanent, S.A.
Greenland Minerals – Non-Exec, Australia
Harmony Gold – Permanent, Philippines
Iamgold – Permanent, Mali
ICL Israel – Permanent, Ethiopia & UK (to 2018)
Kinross Gold – Permanent, Mauritania
KSL (Kupferschiefer Lausitz GmbH) – Permanent, Germany
Merrex Gold – Permanent, Mali
Miranda Coal – Permanent, S.A.

Continuation of companies we have worked for:

Ncondezi Coal – Permanent, London & Mozambique
Nyota Minerals – Permanent, Ethiopia (2012)
Orezone – Permanent, Burkina Faso
Paragon Diamonds – Permanent, Lesotho
Penzance Mining – Permanent, Tanzania
Rio Tinto – Contract and Permanent, various
Ryan Gold – Permanent, Alaska & Yukon
Schlumberger – Permanent, S.A.

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