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Emigration and Visa Services

As part of our Search and Selection service, we often have to obtain work visas for candidates on behalf of clients, so we can help guide you through the requirements, whether you are a candidate or an employer. Since every country is different, do contact us with your query.

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Westminster Mining works with “Down Under Live” and “Canada Live” – see EDP Ltd – providing conferences and forums at venues around the U.K. that can answer your questions, should you be considering relocating, especially to Australia and New Zealand or Canada. These are the BIGGEST events for jobs, visas and unbiased advice in the U.K.

Every year, tens of thousands of people (including many highly skilled mining engineers, geologists, etc) visit these events across the UK, excited by the prospect of a new life abroad, and drawn by unique marketing campaigns and market leading seminar programmes. In 2011 the Global Mobility Forum for international assignees was launched, with more high profile events planned across the world.

Their websites boast the best news and content available, with more than 50,000 visitors monthly. Working Down Under is the leading jobseekers website for anyone looking for a job in Australia & New Zealand, while Get Me Down Under offers visitors a rich mix of news, advice and the best dedicated social network for emigrants.

This gives Westminster Mining access to a massive up to date database of emigrants to Australia, New Zealand and Canada thanks to regular engagement with them through Facebook, Linked In and our own social networks.

Click here for details, advice and jobs in Australia



Click here for advice relating to Canada



Make a new life in Australia a reality with our help. Get advice, help and tips on every aspect of Australia from the Get Me Down Under community.

Migrants are needed to work in Australia in many areas, not just in mining. We have the information you need to put a move to Australia (or New Zealand or Canada) within reach, including the UK’s only Magazine dedicated to Australia and NZ emigration, filled with unbiased information.

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