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The History

Westminster Mining arose out of a company called Diamond Consulting UK founded in the 1990’s and run by Mike and his colleagues for over ten years, providing Executive Search services across a range of industries.

That company operated a different ethos to most recruitment consultancies. For a start, it was friendly and approachable, caring as much for candidates and their success as for the clients it placed them in. It was global, by the simple method of having a partner in each country it operated from, and those partners, not being tied to targets or the ways of a large company and not having massive company overheads but being mostly self employed individuals, provided a personal and exceptional service whilst also being able to call on the resources that a large recruitment company should have. They largely specialised in the technology market and with the decline of that market in the Noughties the partners of DCUK went their separate ways.

However, it had been a successful and well received business model. So when Mike had had enough of generating fees for his employers whilst being unable to offer the truly individual service he wanted to, it was a model he returned to with Westminster Mining.

Building on his experience and numerous high-level contacts within an industry he knows and loves, mining, he gathered together once again a team of successful individuals from around the world, ready willing and able to deliver a service that is individually tailored to each client or candidate, whilst having the scope and depth of experience usually found in a much larger concern.

Today, Westminster Mining succeeds by staying close to its core market – mining. This ensures we know what we are doing, and can do it well. It pursues a dynamic yet individual approach, whether you are a client or a candidate. We never forget that today’s candidate might be tomorrow’s client, and we treat everyone that deals with us with respect. The people who work within Westminster Mining have over 179 years experience between them in both mining and recruitment, yet they remain friendly and approachable. Being a small company we can be flexible to a client’s or candidate’s needs, yet we can draw upon the resources of some of the best in the world.

Due to our unique business model, we do not need to charge the earth either. Call us and discuss your needs, you’ll find us understanding and extremely competitive.

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