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How We Do It

An overview of our process and methods for our Executive Search services.

Our Methodology
When we undertake an Executive Search Assignment, we tailor our service to suit the specific requirements of our clients. We aim to provide a shortlist of 4 or 5 high calibre candidates within 3 weeks, all of whom could objectively do the job, leaving you with the pleasant task of appointing the person you’d most like to work with.

Companies are qualified against the specific client brief, and appropriate individuals identified. Only those who meet both the objective and subjective criteria agreed are shortlisted. Salary is not usually discussed until much later in the process, though we gain information on money and career expectations, and manage these expectations on your behalf.

Rigorous and extensive research is the foundation of our business. We employ in-house researchers that between them cover 11 different languages and were born and raised in 7 different countries, from Singapore to Mali, from Mombasa to Vancouver. This gives us a head start in understanding the culture and people that could be vital in determining who is best fit. We garner information from many sources; competitors, social media such as Linked In, the market and related sectors, and of course our own network of contacts, comprising some 3,000 individuals (mostly at COO or CEO level) between us. By being thorough, we ensure that we identify the widest sources of the candidates with the key skills required.

We then objectively and anonymously qualify those identified. This keeps our client’s involvement confidential. Since candidates do not know our brief, they cannot position themselves in a way which could mislead, so we can obtain a “warts and all” picture of them. Individuals who match the specification are then thoroughly screened face-to-face. Usually this is in person, but since we are an international company that is not always practical, so we may use video conferencing. This also helps reduce our carbon footprint. We assess their skills and see if they have a genuine interest, and then present the opportunity in the most positive light. This gives you the client the best chance of securing the best candidate.

Presentation of the Shortlist
Qualified and genuine candidates are then put to the client, together with a CV and detailed interview notes. This qualified Shortlist gives you crucial information to attract the candidate you prefer. The interview process is crucial, and we take an active role both in setting realistic initial expectations all round and afterwards in liasing between the client and the candidate. Our methodology is scientific – it can be repeated time and time again, to achieve the same successful results – ensuring success. We manage issues of confidentiality and facilitate interviews. Acting as a third party we ensure that both client and candidates are comfortable with any offer made and we are adept at handling issues such as a counter offer. Westminster Mining is probably the swiftest to deliver a Shortlist, and we certainly provide the best value for money, of all proper Search companies in the mining recruitment sector, so do call us now to discuss your exact needs.

WM Executive Search Process joined pdf

“Detection is or ought to be, an exact science, and should be treated in the same unemotional manner… You know my methods. Apply them…”

Sherlock Holmes, The Sign Of Four – Sir A C Doyle.

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