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Westminster Mining is C.T.P. (Career Transition Partnership) approved, which the U.K. Ministry of Defence uses to find jobs for personnel leaving H.M. Armed Forces.

Service leavers make highly skilled, committed and capable employees, and have a wide range of transferrable skills.

We help those leaving the military to find jobs in the mining industry that suit their exceptional training and skills. As well as engineers and mechanics of heavy equipment, Westminster Mining’s unique understanding of the sometimes volatile political situation in various parts of the world (especially Africa) allows us to provide suitably qualified ex-UK military personnel to safeguard your business interests wherever you operate. Such individuals will have experience operating in challenging environments, such as Iraq or Afghanistan, and will often speak a number of languages.


For example, we can provide staff for the following:

  • Security and ex-military personnel (managers and teams)
  • Health and Safety personnel
  • Heavy equipment mechanics
  • Engineers in logistics, infrastructure etc. (eg. bridge, rail, road and port building and project management).
  • Senior Management not directly from a mining background (eg. Admirals, Generals etc)

Should you require staff with an ex-military background, please notify us and we will post your vacancy free of charge with the outplacement team. Further services such as interviewing in the U.K. are available on request. Some 120 civilian staff, including specialist Career Consultants and Facilitators work on this outplacement. There are nine Regional Resettlement Centres in the UK, and one in Germany, with a headquarters in London, and a Vocational Training Centre in Aldershot.

If you wish to use this service, please use our Contact Us page to post your request:

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