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What we do

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We simply aim to provide clients with the recruitment solutions they want.Unlike most other recruitment services we offer a personal and precise approach, whether you yourself are looking for a new opportunity or if you require our help in finding a key person for your business.We are a team of specialists from all areas of mining, and we work internationally. We provide a range of services; from a focused, research driven Search through to client paid advertising. Our approach is flexible, our rates highly competitive.

Key features:

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      • Executive Search
      • Database Selection (of key roles only)
      • Advertising (anonymous or on behalf of client)
      • Recruitment Outsourcing and Placements
      • Research and salary surveys
      • Outplacement and staff benchmarking
      • Translation and staff training services (into French, Swahili, Polish etc.)
      • Re-settlement of staff
      • HR services

PLEASE NOTE: Although we are a small company, each of our Consultants can call on a further team of equally well qualified people, local to your needs. This makes our company ideal for R.P.O. (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) as we can dedicate teams of up to 30 people at a time to whatever recruitment project you require. So if you are thinking of outsourcing the recruitment of an entire mining team for your operation, do call us to discuss your needs.

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For more information about who we are and the recruitment services we provide, go to our “How We Do It” page (see link button below). If you have any questions for us, contact us using our Contact page, or phone one of our Directors.


How We Do It
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