Case Studies


Case Study 1:

Potash SOP Mining Company: New Chief Engineer for Ethiopia 2015


This company is a global fertiliser exploration and mining development company that also controls the access to markets. Head Office is registered in Israel and this project was a take-over of a previous company’s project in Ethiopia. As such the Search was initially highly sensitive and had to be kept secret. Plans changed during the recruitment exercise from a MOP to SOP mine, but nevertheless, after an exhaustive world-wide search for an individual with the right skills, in strict confidence, Westminster Mining found an excellent Chief Engineer who was presented to the company on the first Shortlist. After due diligence and protracted negotiations this candidate was employed within 6 months of the start of the search. The company was so impressed with the speed, quality and excellent value of its service, that they have used Westminster Mining ever since, for a range of positions, for this project and elsewhere, world-wide.


Case Study 2:

Precious Mineral Mining Company: New COO for Ethiopia

This company is a mineral exploration and development company dual listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange with exploration and mining activities in Ethiopia. They required a COO to build and manage a team to bring their mine to production.

Despite instructing other Search and Selection companies, no good candidate had been found after six months, which is when Mike contacted them. Within days, he found an Australian ex pat, living in New Zealand with just the right background experience and skills for the role, and persuaded him to attend an interview in London at his own expense. This enterprise was repaid when an offer was duly made. There were substantial international logistics to overcome, including second interview in South Africa and eventual start in Addis Ababa just a few weeks later, but the whole process was handled smoothly with assiduous attention to detail despite the long distance negotiations. The candidate started work just 4 months after first contact and has made a subtantial positive impact for the company.


Case Study 3:

Ryan Gold Corp: Three Senior Exploration Geologists for Alaska

Ryan Gold Corp is a gold exploration company formed through the merger of Valdez Gold Inc. (TSXV) and a private company, Ryan Gold Inc. in December 2010. The company is focused on gold exploration in the Yukon Territory, Canada and Alaska, USA and a joint venture with Millrock Resources Inc.

Contacted in early 2011 by Mike, just before the short exploration season in Alaska & the Yukon, Mike Skead (then the CEO) urgently needed three Senior Exploration Geologists, with the skills and experience to manage a small team and train up some junior geologists too. After a thorough but quick Search, three excellent candidates were found within a fortnight, the first candidate starting within a month of the Assignment being given, just in time to make the most of the short season for the company.

One candidate was such good calibre he quickly became the company’s Chief Geologist in 2012.

The Chairman commented in May 2012 that thanks partly to the calibre of the candidates introduced, the company’s fortunes had been transformed.

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